Indian Cricket Team cancels Pakistan Tour

Indian cricket team cancels Pakistan tour

The Indian cricket team won’t be traveling to Pakistan to play cricket. So finally the picture is clear. Today India’s sports minister Mr. M.S.Gill announced that India cricket team won’t be traveling to Pakistan to play cricket. Why we should show normality when our innocents are getting killed by Pakistani nationals in the name of religion.

India’s cricket tour of Pakistan was on Thursday officially called off with the government refusing permission to the team to travel across the border in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks, putting an end to the prolonged uncertainty on the fate of the series

It’s high time for Pakistan to choose between Peace, Normalcy improved relation or defending, protecting all terrorists and terrorist organizations.

The way Pakistan and its government are behaving and making U turns every day about quashing of terror outfits based in Pakistan seems like they are too scared to move even a single inch. And because this attitude and spineless leaders of Pakistan is allowing terrorism cult to spread to such degree that Pakistan has developed Death industry all over its border and exporting it to all over world.

And for me Cricket is not greater than the lives of innocents and fight against terrorism. So it’s a good decision by Government of India. I love cricket but don’t want our team to play cricket on bodies of our own innocents. First we need justice for those got killed in Mumbai attack next thing comes second or third.

First let Pakistan do whatever they had promised us and to the world in UNSC meeting, dismantle their most booming industry Terrorism and Death Industry and show some spine in tackling ISI and ARMY officials who are trying to save terrorist. Once they show us a genuine approach in tackling all the things that has been asked by us we can think of playing sports with them. Till then they can play some cricket with Laskar-e-Taiba and JUD terrorist to keep their form intact.

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  2. Cudos to Mr. Gill, Now, only if we can put Bollywood and every Indians obsession with it on hold and get angry, demanding that our government relsolve this with vigor. Maybe, maybe we can get Indians to be more patriotic. Right now the whole world is waiting for a response from us and we are seeking validations from the U.S. and U.K.
    What about our interests first?
    To all my Hindustani brothers: GET MAD< RISE UP, Let no Mother fucker ever do this to our homeland again.
    Jai Hind

  3. Bunch of WUUSSS, we dont wanna go to Pakistan, terrorists will kill us.. we dont wanna die… SHAME on indian govt and cricket team… Bunch of COWARDS..

  4. thanks for your valuable information

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