Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

While the people of Indian’s are suffering from recession, job loss and economic crisis our so called leaders are treating themselves by hiking their own salary and that also at par with Government class 1 Officers. Unbelievable.

From Time of India:

At a time when private companies and corporate houses are planning to cut costs, the Gujarat government has proposed a 25 per cent increase in salaries of MLAs and ministers, sources in the government said.  The new pay scale, at par with those of Class I officers, will come into effect from April 2009, sources said.  “In 2005, we had passed a bill in the state assembly by which pay scales of MLAs and ministers have been brought at par with a Class I government servant,” state assembly speaker Ashok Bhatt said.

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In times of recession, there should be no pay hike, perks for Indian leaders. It’s a time to tight the belt of all politicians and bureaucrats. Like corporate and big companies are busy in cost cutting our government should all do the same instead of treating all leaders for doing nothing.

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