Renuka Choudhary Goes After Hindu Extremists: Call For Pub Bharo Andolan

Renuka Choudhary Goes After Hindu Extremists: Call For Pub Bharo Andolan

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  1. Hi everybody,
    Am Raakin salian,A mangalorean,Mother muslim and father hindu,Though a hindu my father has deep respects for islam.And thus i love both Islam and Hinduism and have equal respect for all religions.
    It is not right that a women in such a prestigious post speaks in such disgusting manner.because on that day not only women but even men were beaten up,but media was more interested in showing only women being beaten.i personally met a victim(a guy called suresh),he was the most severely wounded among the victims.That too some scratches on his right hand and a small wound in his back.

    Renuka chaudhary is just a puppet in the hands of a christian Sonia who is using the old divide and rule against hindus and muslims,men and women,traditional and so called modern.
    Renukaji your a dumb women,a puppet,innocent(maybe).Ek hindu ka dushman ek hindu hi hain.

    This just clears the point that media is a puppet of congress party and the missionaries,because such an issue is raised so high only due to the attacks on church in mangalore recently(no one cares about the harrassment and mental truama that christian missionaries give to a person whom they intend to convert)(i have tasted it),christians are cunning people,they are shameless loosers,they have always lost but never admitted to it,they have lost to islam before but used the media to cover it(Islam will defeat the loosers again)
    Cunning christians use this issue to cover the conversion issue.

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