Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu, Jews Zionist and BJP for Mumbai Attack

Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu and Jews Zionist for Mumbai Attack: Zaid Hamid is STUPID!!

So, let me get this straight, Mr.Zaid Haimd so called Defense analyst of Pakistan is saying same thing what he has been saying on all media channels in Pakistan since 1st of December 2008 just after Mumbai attack. He knows that Mumbai attack was carried out by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist and Pakistan can crush India in one go if Indian ever tried to do any strategical strikes to clean out their home grown terrorist camps and hideouts. Dream on Mr. Hamid…..

To be honest he is the one of the most stupid person or so called defense analyst I have ever seen or heard. Can’t believe that Pakistan have this sort of analyst who can put whole nation in chaos by issuing all nonsense statements in media. What he is trying to get by issuing statement that Western Nation believes his theory and knows that India terror attack was done by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist but not supporting Pakistan for different reasons? I am not able to get it. Does he think whole world is blind and can’t see things from their own eyes? Mr. Zaid Hamid please come out of yours dreams and illusions and accepts the fact and see the world from Humanity ground.

And don’t you ever think that you can crush India, if you have short memory then let me remind you Mr.Zaid hamid… remember Kargil? 1972 Bangladesh war if we lose our passions and then be sure that there will be no Pakistan this time. It will be Baluchistan, Sindhistan and many more like we did in 1972. And by the way do you really thing your Army can really fight when they can’t even flight with bloody Taliban’s and surrender to them like a girl. If you have forgotten then please check below video.

So it would be better if you see the things from Humanity eyes and see how many of your innocents are dying because of your this attitude. Your own home grown terrorists killing your own innocent’s people’s for nothing. So wake up or your attitude will kill your people first.

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From golf to yoga: how India treats its troops

If you are looking for better and disciplined life and of course good future join Indian Army. Indian Army is short of about 11000 officers as many young generations today are choosing to join private sector in order to get more wages and lavishing life. Of course private sector does gives you bit more money but Army career also gives you loads of benefits and on top of that will make you a disciplined and honorable person.

India’s large section of society still thinks that career in military is all about War and War. So you want an Army career huh? Good for you soldier! Huh? You don’t want to be a soldier? Um well…..that’s OK too!

Perhaps the common (mis)conception or misunderstanding of a military career is that you have to be a solider. That isn’t the case. Indian Army provides numerous roles from very diverse field to support its front line troops. Indian Army is diverse organization and recognizes the need for numerous different roles. Admin, doctors, engineers, mechanics, teachers, human resources, officers, IT professional, and much other discipline are put to use within the military.

Indian Army has very good benefits packages and healthcare, and although the obvious hazards of the job are there, the life of a military career isn’t as extreme as one might imagine.

Certainly a career in the army isn’t for everyone – but there is a much wider scope of careers available than many people realize. Definitely worth a look the following website even if you not very much interested in career with Indian Army.

FORGET the call centre in Bangalore or the software laboratory in Hyderabad. If you’re looking for the good life, join the Indian Army today!

Such is the message of a slick new television advertisement launched by the army to try to revamp its image and reverse a brain drain to the burgeoning private sector.

It shows officers living in idyllic country cottages, trying their hands at golf, sailing and fencing, and unwinding at extravagant garden parties.

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