Obama Top Secret ‘Beast’ of a car Limo revealed

Obama Top Secret ‘Beast’ of a car Limo revealed

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Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) outsourcing, market is evolving at break-neck speed: UK News Paper Reports

Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) outsourcing, market is evolving at break-neck speed: UK News Paper Reports

The Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry In India is increasing with rapid speed. Economic Slump and economic slowdown in international markets seems like that’s it’s going to benefit at least this sector (Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) in India BPO segment. Today UK National Newspaper reports that 10 out of 30 top law firms in UK have outsourced administrative or legal work to Indian outsourcing partner. So that’s for sure that India Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) is set to grow despite of this economic slump in world due to cost cutting measures started by most of the leading law firm in many countries and for sure going to benefit Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) market.

The RSG India Report 2008 is a definitive 200-page analysis of the current legal market in India. Beyond the subject of outsourcing, it also shows that this market is evolving at break-neck speed.

India now has its own “magic circle” of leading law firms with senior corporate lawyers earning incomes comparable with those of partners in medium to large-sized London firms. But, as the study notes, there is a dearth of experience and attrition rates are high.


A Big Breath of relief and Some Good news for BPO market:

Yes many Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) firms can take big breath of relief that even after economic slump in world this segment is bound to grow, and there is no doubt that’s it will grow with high pace as Indian legal process outsourcing (LPO) provider’s have right and best talent to offer and better infrastructure to meet clients needs.

A word of Caution:

I know that the cost advantage Indian outsourcing Industry enjoys doesn’t seem set to disappear anytime in nearby future as we have best talents in world and we get about 80,000 English-speaking fresh law graduates pass out from Indian institutions every year but we need to keep a close eye on cost factor as well as union factor. Both can spoil industry. We need a proper recruitment procedure for all nw employees so that we can serve our clients in best manner. Secondly all the LPO guys especially people who is going to deal with legal work should go through proper security clearance and we also need more strict laws to safe this industry form any mischief’s.

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Pakistan Media Taunts Indian Security Agencies, Indian Army- Hindu Zionists and Western Zionists for Worst Ever Terror Attack on Indian Financial Capital

Pakistan Media taunts Indian Security Agencies, Indian Army- Hindu Zionists and Western Zionists for Worst Ever Terror Attack on Indian Financial Capital


Shame on Pakistan Media. Instead of condemning the worst ever attack on Indian soil, you people are trying to save your face from truth by misleading your people and whole world. You people got no shame. You people are talking of dignity and truth, you make me laugh look out your state of nation. Your President are trying to get loan to save you from going bankrupt and becoming a failed state. Pakistan is a country of loss dignity and shortage of shame, self respect and grace because of politicians you have and support for terrorist organization operating in Pakistan soil.

You people had tried raising propaganda by using media, so that you can save your black heads and red faces but you should go and ask people and you will know what people feel about your state of nation and about India as whole. People who are talking in this shows, shows that Pakistan politicians can’t even think of out of box and not even bothered about their own failure and state of nation where each city bleeds every day because of terrorist and because these sorts of leaders.

Pakistan attitude of keep Denial of its hand in terrorism in Indian soil is what is keeping this issue alive and increasing hatred among people of two nations.

If Pakistan refuse to hand over terrorist we have asked for, We should Unite and Stand this time and teach them lesson. I am not against of any nation but yes I care most about people of India, innocents citizens of my beloved country were brutally killed by terrorist trained and funded by Pakistan and Pakistani organizations.

Never Quit: Never surrender your (our) freedom. We have to fight back against the enemy called terrorism.

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Campaign for a real Christmas: Religious leaders unite against political correctness

Well Done. This make sense any attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame. Like we heard earlier that some local authority attempts to stamp out Christmas include Birmingham’s decision to name its seasonal celebrations ‘Winterval’ and Luton’s attempt to change Christmas into a Harry Potter festival by renaming its festive lights ‘Luminos’ just appease particular community. Any more attempts similar to these will have bigger backlash. Christmas causes no offence to minority faiths, banning it offends almost everybody. Merry Christmas to all in advance.

A campaign to save the traditions of Christmas from the interference of politically correct town halls was launched by an influential coalition of Christian and Muslim leaders yesterday.

Leaders of the two faiths warned that attempts to suppress Christmas bring a backlash and Muslims get the blame.

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Qaeda says Pope wants to pull Turkey from Islam-Web

I still don’t understand why can’t these people use some brains and appreciate some one else work too.

DUBAI, Nov 29 (Reuters) – Iraq’s al Qaeda wing on Wednesday condemned Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey as part of a crusade against Islam aimed at pulling Turkey away from the Muslim world.

“The visit of the Pope in reality is meant to add momentum to the crusader campaign on the land of Islam after the failures of crusader leaders,” the al Qaeda-led “Islamic State in Iraq” said in a statement posted on the Internet. It said his visit to the predominantly Muslim country was “an attempt to extinguish the flame of Islam among our Muslim brothers in Turkey and to wipe out their Islamic heritage… and to guarantee that they stay in the quagmire of secularism established by … (Kemal) Ataturk”.

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Indian boy wins world peace prize

Om Prakash you make us proud Indian’s. Your work and motivation are just wonderful and you deserve the prize! Congratulation. Hope some things our leaders will learn from you and from your work to make better India.

A 14-year-old Indian boy has been awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize for leading a campaign against child labour and child slavery.

Om Prakash was forced to work as a farm labourer for three years. After he was rescued, Om set up a network that aims to give all children a birth certificate as a way of helping to protect them from exploitation.

Om was awarded the $100,000 (£53,000) prize organised by a Netherlands-based group at a ceremony in The Hague.


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Islamic hip-hop artists are accused of indoctrinating young against the West

I thought, music of any sort is banned in Islam, second till now I know music is about spreading love and peace. So these groups are doing totally wrong things both from Islam perspective and also from music perspective. Spreading hatred and motivating young people for terrorism is an act of cowardness. Spreading full of hatred music is very dangerous as this gives very wrong idea to youths. Times Online Reports:

HIP-HOP and rap artists are teaching young Muslims the ideology of radical Islamism through songs about the war in Iraq, the oppression of Muslims and the creation of an Islamic state governed by Sharia, or religious law.

Intelligence agencies have identified music as a “tool for indoctrination”. The phenomenon began with an American group called Soldiers of Allah. The group has since disbanded but its music and lyrics remain popular on the internet. Other groups in Britain, France and the US have been identified as giving cause for concern. Many use the derogatory term “kufur” to describe non-Muslims.

Madeleine Gruen, an American intelligence analyst, highlighted the lyrics of a British group called Blakstone as a possible gateway to extremist politics.

Ms Gruen has studied how music, internet forums, boardgames and fashion have been used to radicalise youths.

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