Blast near Musharraf’s house, no casualties

ISLAMABAD: An explosive device went off at a park located about two kilometres away from the official residence of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi on Wednesday night but there were no casualties.

The blast took place in the lawns of Ayub Park at around 2135 hrs but did not cause any casualties or damage to property, Rawalpindi’s top police official Sayed Munwar Ali Shah told local TV networks.

The park where people frequent in the late hours was immediately evacuated and taken over by police for investigations.

An official press statement issued late in the night said an explosion was heard in Ayub Park area at about 9:35 pm and a search party found some explosive material at the spot.

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Tesco takes on Microsoft in battle for software market

That’s interesting, Only time will tell how much competition Tesco can give to Giant software House “Microsoft”. Lets hope for the best…

Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, will go head-to-head with Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, by entering the £8.5bn computer software market. The retailer will launch Tesco-branded software in 100 stores this month. An initial range of six products, which will include office software and security suites, will sell for less than £20 each, massively undercutting rivals’ prices. Microsoft Office sells for up to £300.