Indian Call centre workers say ‘no’ to unions

Unionizing IT/BPO sector will hamper the growth of Industry. I hope that it won’t happen in India as this will be a back step and it will reduce the growth rate of most booming industry in India. Foreign clients don’t like unionizing the sector because of the fact that it’s just another way to blackmail them. If India wants to keep this industry alive and keep on growing then please reject any move of Left (CPI) to unionize the IT/BPO sector.

Of course I am really happy to see recent survey conducted by C fore shows that almost 53% employees of this sector don’t want to associate with any union as they also believe that this unionizing of IT/BPO sector will hamper the industry growth and could damage the whole reputation of industry.

Call centres wary of trade unions

It is not an obvious combination. The world of trade unions and that of information-technology (IT) services seem light years away. And that is just how most call-centre employees would like it to stay.

Although the majority of call-centre employees feel exploited — particularly by the long hours they put in at the workplace — they are just as clear that they would rather not call in the trade unions. Not yet, at least.

The findings are part of an opinion poll conducted for the Hindustan Times by C fore. Conducted among 374 IT and ITeS professionals in seven cities across India, the poll found that call-centre employees in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai believed it was not yet time for unions. The majority went on to add that the formation of trade unions would, in fact, harm the industry in the long run.

The workers felt most aggrieved about long working hours and, perhaps, odd hours — going to work when most of the neighbourhood was preparing to go to bed or was already in bed. Low pay was another grievance and then the lack of facilities, the bane of any low-cost-high-returns operation. That was the response of 42 per cent of the respondents who felt exploited. The majority, 47 per cent, was happy and would not change anything.

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