Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India

Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India

 From Yahoo News:

New Delhi, Dec 25 (IANS) Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India . The highest number become targets of their husbands and in-laws. A total of 185,312 incidents of crime against women were reported in the country during 2007 as compared to 164,765 during 2006, an increase of 12.5 percent. The number of crimes committed against women has increased continiously during the last five years.

In 2007, the highest number of crimes against women was recorded in Andhra Pradesh, according to the ‘Crime in 2007’ report of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB). Homes were far from being safe havens for women. Last year, 75,930 women became victims of torture and cruelty by their husbands and in-laws, accounting for the highest number of crimes against women.

 Read Full News Here: It’s a national shame that Girls & Women are not safe in India. It is really unfortunate that a country which has got so many plus points always tops the list of women molestation, girl rape and wife bashing. How can we say that India is progressing?  How the hell any one of us can even think that we will become developed nation in coming years when we know that Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India . Just Shame!!

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Sri Lanka ‘recruits child fighters’

Children – the most innocent segment of our global community are forced to fight in Sri Lanka. First it was LTTE who was recruiting Child Soldiers now UN is sayings Government of Sri Lanka is also recruiting Child Soldiers. What the hell is happening, if this report is true then I would like to see other countries to put pressure on Sri Lankan government about this and put tough sanctions against them, if they don’t stop abusing children’s. They can’t use children’s for their own politics. Enough is Enough Stop Child Soldiers.



Sri Lankan government forces are recruiting child soldiers to fight against the Tamil Tiger rebels, the United Nations has said.

A senior UN official said the troops had been rounding up children to fight with the renegade Karuna rebel group.

Col Karuna leads a breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers, which have themselves been accused of using child soldiers.

Sri Lankan security forces say they are “perturbed” by the “completely misleading” allegations.


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Does God’s Need Protection? My opinion on religiously motivated violence:

Well it hard to understand why now a day’s 99% violence and terrorist attacks happen under the name of religion. Does any religion say that’s you should bomb country or attack people of different religion because they are different colours, got different culture and believe in different faith?

Recently when Pope commented some thing on sensitive issue, we had seen the reaction of people; a nun was gunned down in Somalia after a cleric declared that “whoever offends our prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim.” Yemen, where conversion away from Islam can be punishable by death, was threatened to cut diplomatic ties with the Vatican. More than half a dozen of churches have been burned down. Al-Qaida in Iraq warned Pope Benedict XVI on that its war against Christianity and the West will go on until Islam takes over the world, and Iran’s supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff’s remarks on Islam., and only two three days ago we heard the news that some Hindus fanatics forced Christians to bow head in front of Hindu God.

Well I don’t want to comment on what Pope said in his famous speech, nor do I want to go in details about Hindu fanatics who forced the Christians to bow heads in front of Hindu God or what Muslims preachers preach about religion and what Muslims should do to protect Islam from non believers.


But my question is why all these people talk or start violence in the name of religion? Saying we need to protect our religion and God, it’s our duty. Total Lie’s


Does our God (Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Allah and Guru Gobind Sahib) need any sort of guards or protection, to protect themselves, their believers and their preaching? No


If you have believe in your religion, follow the Holy books and have faith in your God, then you should understand that God does not need any protection, he can protect himself and also other human beings, God can see who is doing wrong and who is doing right, and he can do justice. We have no rights to do justice on behalf of him. We are created by God! God created us for his own pleasure. God’s justice creates and sustains the conditions for life. God has made an all-inclusive covenant with all creation.


People who call them God’s army or protector of religion, faith, believes and God, in any religion, I don’t think they hold their god as a highest authority as in my opinion God does not need any sort of protection.


God or you can call what ever you believe in has never forced and will never force anyone to follow his religion, believes or teachings e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism Christianity and Islam, so why these people (so called army of God) is trying to force their views on other peoples of different believes?


God has made religion but I guess he never had clue that followers of the religion will bring bad name to his teachings.


God is Eternal; God does not fear death because it is a gateway created by God.


God don’t require any army or so called religious preachers who preach hate towards other community and religion.


What does God require of us?


Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God. Our peoples need peace that restore right relationships, preserve responsible communities, shrink hate and inequalities, and allow space for all of creation (religion) to flourish in its diversity.


“Lord, we need your protection,”

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Islamic Jihad Via YouTube

I wish if youtube could do some thing to stop these sort of video to be published on their website. This is most disturbing video I had ever seen and no Idea how youtube people allowed this video to be published on their website?

Please be aware that some of the images in video are disturbing. !!

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Kashmir incursions steady but violence dips – India

Good news for India and all Kasmiri’s as Violence only know one language “Kill Innocents”. But second part of report says

“The infiltration comes despite a ceasefire between the two armies and India’s new fence along the militarised Line of Control dividing the Himalayan territory. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Muslim militants fighting against its rule in Kashmir and of failing to deliver on a promise to end what it calls “cross-border terrorism” — a pledge which is central to the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals”

shows that Pakistan is not doing enough to stop infiltration. Pakistan leaders are not honest in their commitment that “We will stop infiltration”. I still don’t understand why our government is still relying too much on Pakistan to stop infiltration. Every one knows Pakistan will never ever help India in ending terrorism.

SRINAGAR, India, Nov 7 (Reuters) – Militants continue to sneak across the frontline from Pakistani territory into Indian Kashmir in large numbers but violence has dropped in the disputed region this year, an Indian official said on Tuesday.

The infiltration comes despite a ceasefire between the two armies and India’s new fence along the militarised Line of Control dividing the Himalayan territory. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Muslim militants fighting against its rule in Kashmir and of failing to deliver on a promise to end what it calls “cross-border terrorism” — a pledge which is central to the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals. “They are maintaining the level of infiltration and the level is a yardstick of Pakistan’s commitment to end cross-border terrorism in the region,” said K. Srinivasan, regional intelligence chief for India’s Border Security Force. The comments came as officials of India and Pakistan were due to resume talks early next week to push forward a slow-moving peace process launched in 2004. Srinivasan said at least 590 Muslim militants had crossed into Indian Kashmir during the last 10 months as compared to about 580 during the corresponding period last year.

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Dose for violent husbands: A year in jail, Rs 20,000 fine

Finally India introduced a law to protect Women from domestic violence. Husband who beat, harass or abused their wife’s could be jailed and fined under new Domestic Violence Act 2005. Domestic Violence Act 2005 will recognize all forms of abuse against women in the home, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic abuse (Dowries harassment). This is a good step by Government of India, really pleased but I want to know this domestic violence Act 2005 will also be made compulsory for Muslims family also or this law will also have exception for Muslims family? As most of Muslims family especially in villages (Husband mainly) choose to go with Sharia Family Law.

NEW DELHI: Men who beat, threaten or yell at their wives or live-in girlfriends could be jailed and fined under the country’s first law aimed at curbing domestic violence.

The new law, which came into effect Thursday, also applies to men or their families who harass wives for larger dowries. The measure aims to prevent cases in which a husband or his family kills a wife because her family did not give dowry.





The Domestic Violence Act defines abuse broadly, including verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and economic mistreatment. Violators face up to a year in prison, a fine of Rs 20,000 or both.

“We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In India, around 70 per cent of women are victims of these violent acts in one or another form,” Renuka Choudhury, the Minister of State for women and child development, said.


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Iraq priest ‘killed over pope speech’

The relatives of a Christian priest who was kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq have said that his Muslim captors had demanded his church condemn the pope’s recent comments about Islam and pay a US$350,000 ransom.

They were speaking as more than 500 people attended a memorial service on Thursday for father Amer Iskender after his decapitated body was found in an industrial area of the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday.

Iskender was a priest at the St. Ephrem Orthodox church in Mosul.

“He was a good man and we all shed tears for him … He was a man of peace,” said Eman Saaur, a 45-year-old schoolteacher who said she attended Iskender’s church regularly.

Pope apology demanded

Iskender’s relatives, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, said the unidentified group that seized Iskender on Sunday had demanded a ransom and that his church condemn a statement made by Pope Benedict XVI last month.

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