Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election : Kashmiri Pandits fail to win a Single Seat

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election : Kashmiri Pandits fail to win a single seat

From The Hindu

Jammu (PTI): For the first time, the Jammu and Kashmir assembly will have no Kashmiri Pandit members as all 47 candidates, including former minister Raman Mattoo, lost the elections. “It is for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that not even a single KP candidate could occupy a berth in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly,” all party migrant coordination committee (APMCC) Chairman Vinood Pandit said. Former Industries minister in the previous Congress-PDP coalition government, Raman Mattoo, lost to Shimeema Firdos of National Conference in Habbakadal assembly seat. In 2002, Mattoo had defeated Firdos from the same constituency.
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Perhaps I would say Kashmir’s Pundit’s didn’t lose but democracy did. I don’t know honestly what to say about this news but, After all things happens in Jammu and Kashmir from Amarnath yatra row till major separatist movement uprising in Jammu and Kashmir in recent months, I would have preferred to have a every community represented (from separatist to Pundits), in the assembly to make sure that every community is represented at every level in the decision making process, so that a much needed peace and stability can be bring in this beautiful state. Anyway now the results are out so no complaints really it’s an election some people win and some loose but whoever has won Hindu, Sikh or Muslim they have huge responsibility on their shoulder to deliver this time. They have to make sure that interest of all the people, community and religion living in Jammu and Kashmir should be taken care with honesty and dignity.

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Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election Results on Dec 28, 2008:No Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah will be next CM of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election Results on Dec 28, 2008:

No Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah will be next CM of Jammu and Kashmir.

From Times Of India:

Farooq does a U-turn, says I’ll be J&K CM: SRINAGAR: National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah jumped into the chief ministerial race saying he will head a potential NC-Congress government  in Jammu and Kashmir, hours after indicating that his son Omar Abdullah will get the top job. Answering a flurry of questions on the chief ministership, Abdullah declared he would be the next chief minister. The 72-year-old veteran has been chief minister during three spells between 1982 and 2002.

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It doesn’t matter at this moment who will be the next Chief Minister of Jammu And Kashmir State; only thing matter at this moment is who ever will become CM Son or Dad they must deliver this time. No looking back and please No political games this time. State and people have state had suffered a lot. Coming CM and government must win the heart of locals and try to bring much needed peace in this beautiful state.

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Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

While the people of Indian’s are suffering from recession, job loss and economic crisis our so called leaders are treating themselves by hiking their own salary and that also at par with Government class 1 Officers. Unbelievable.

From Time of India:

At a time when private companies and corporate houses are planning to cut costs, the Gujarat government has proposed a 25 per cent increase in salaries of MLAs and ministers, sources in the government said.  The new pay scale, at par with those of Class I officers, will come into effect from April 2009, sources said.  “In 2005, we had passed a bill in the state assembly by which pay scales of MLAs and ministers have been brought at par with a Class I government servant,” state assembly speaker Ashok Bhatt said.

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In times of recession, there should be no pay hike, perks for Indian leaders. It’s a time to tight the belt of all politicians and bureaucrats. Like corporate and big companies are busy in cost cutting our government should all do the same instead of treating all leaders for doing nothing.

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My Views: My Analysis: India’s States Post Elections Analysis: Yesterday’s Election Results a symbol of Progress, Development and Hope

My Views: My Analysis: India’s States Post Elections Analysis: Yesterday’s Election Results a symbol of Progress, Development and Hope

Post Election Analysis: So now dust has cleared from the states election results, I have decided to share my election analysis and views with you people.

Congress (I) victory in 3 key states of India and her main rivals BJP victory in 2 states capped an unprecedented surprise rise of Indian electorate power and their thinking in Indian political scenario. Cast & Religion has always been a wild card in Indian politics since we got independence but yesterday night  elections results of 5 states assemblies gave me immense sense of happiness and made me feel proud that at least this time Indian electorate especially youths reshuffles the deck and voted for key issues we are facing today in our states. They (Indian Electorate) voted for state development issues, progress of their own states, hope for better future and didn’t listened to all negatives campaigns ran by opposition parties and sentimental speeches done by many leaders of many parties. In this election, victory for Congress (I) in 3 states and for BJP in 2 states offer’s monumental transformation of Indian electorate face, their thinking about Indian political mathematics.

Those who lost in this election should try to understand and hopefully will listen (I hope and Wish) to the voice of India’s electorate, youth power that’s they had enough with religious sentiments and want to move forward on the lines of development and better future.

A very clear message which was send out by our educated electorates in this elections from my point of view is that Politicians please change you negative policies, religious political tactics and false promise talk and work towards progress, development of the states and India as whole and if you can’t do this then please Change your Job.

A very live example is Uma Bharti a fire brand leader with all sorts of religious and cast political strategy lost election in MP by a new comer candidate from her own constituency. Same sort of tactics BJP tried to play in Delhi and Rajasthan, politicize terrorism issue especially after 26th November by issuing different sort adverts in national media to capitalize on this terror effect in Delhi and Rajasthan elections. This strategy didn’t work out in favor of BJP in both the states Delhi and Rajasthan. Result we all know BJP lost both the states.

While on other hand Congress (I) in Delhi and BJP in MP and Chhattisgarh ran a very positive campaign about development of local states, religious prosperity, progress and hope, better state infrastructure, peace in states. This strategy did work out in favor of both the parties. Both parties won and were able to retain their state government.

The very core formula of Sheila Dixit, Raman Singh and Shivraj Chauhan was a belief that only progressive, positive and strong leadership had the answer to the challenges our states are facing in this century. They worked hard for development for their own states and made the case for government actions in responding problem faces by states in the economy, inflation, recession, education, healthcare, crime rates and terrorism.  

This positive thinking and strategy worked for all three leaders’s to retain their own states and government despite of negatives campaign ran by their own oppositions raising issues about recession, price rise, inflation and terrorism. People or should I call educated electorate of India did understand economic crisis is a global phenomena and nothing can be done in one night and these leaders’ also communicated the same to voters in a very clear manner. They understood that people of their own states need progress and development as a priority and these leaders’ offered a genuine promise based on their past work to fulfill their dreams with convincing analysis.

Victory of all three sitting CM and managing to retain their seats and government in yesterday results shows that right relationship between voters and government, a common language for both leaders and voters is a must to win any election.

So in short from my point of view in this election is that This Election does represent a positive milestone in our country’s political scenario.

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Indian Election Semi-Final: 5 States Assemblies Election Results: Congress Wins Semi Final by 3-2: Taste of India’s mood: CongressI wins in Delhi, Rajasthan and Mizoram. BJP Retains MP and Chhattisgarh: India State Assembly Election: Covering it live End

Indian Election Semi-Final: 5 States Assemblies Election Results: Congress Wins Semi Final by 3-2: India State Assembly Election: Covering it live: Sheila Dixit Made History in Delhi: 3rd term for Sheila Dixit: Second Term for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh: Taste of India’s mood: CongressI wins in Delhi, Rajasthan and Mizoram. BJP Retains MP and Chhattisgarh.

It’s been a long day for me, but a good one. As picture is very clear now Congress I has won this semi- final from BJP. I am awake since early morning to get ready for long busy day as I really wanted to cover live elections results on my blog and to be honest I did ok, as it was a first time I was trying to cover any live election result and that also with very limited resources and on my own. So yes I guess I did reasonably well. It’s been real hard task to keep an eye on both sets of television and computer monitor for trends and results and updating blog with comments and trends, projections and results at the same time, but I enjoyed it so all good for me.  So now dust has cleared from the states election results, I have decided that to take break now and will do full analysis about this election in coming days.

Here are quick comments and my views on this election results: Before I go to bed……..

Congress I: Voter’s came out in Delhi to elect states favorite lady leader. It’s a hat-trick for Mrs. Sheila Dixit. Many many Congratulations to Mrs. Dixit. People here in Delhi did voted for progress and development, no doubt about it. In Mizoram Congress I came back in Power after a decade, Peace, prosperity and development message by Rahul Gandhi did wonders for Congress I in this small north eastern state of India. Rajasthan a big fish in Congress I net, Mr Ashok Gahlot did really well and did managed to over throw Maharani Vasundhara from her sandy castle. I do agree Congress I did got help from rebels of BJP party but this is also true that bad governance of state by Maharani Vasundhara Raje is also been a factor  for Congress I victory.  

In my opinion Congress I won three states because of their strong local regional leadership and clear cut communication with voters. In Madhya Pradesh Congress I lost because of internal fight and no strong local leadership. Since DigVijay Singh moved to centre from MP after losing last assembly elections, Congress I is not able to find any strong regional leaders. I would like to remind my reader’s that same thing happened when most of the regional leaders of congress I from Up and Bihar choose to move centre whenever they lost elections in state assembly, so that they can have some positions in party and live comfortably in Delhi instead of working with local people in states on local issues.  Because of absence of strong regional worker’s, leaders and of course some selfish leader’s from UP and Bihar states, Congress I existence in UP and Bihar states is almost equal to null in today’s national political scenario. So Congress needs to chalk out plan for MP as soon as possible before it gets too late. I just hope congress I will take MP and Chhattisgarh results as an alarming bell and try to figure out strong regional and local leader’s if they really wish to make a comeback in Lok sabha elections and don’t want similar kind of situation they have in UP and Bihar.  

 BJP: Phew they were dreaming of winning all four states with clear majority, but unfortunately only managed to retain 2 states Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and in realty they lost one state Rajasthan to Congress I because of their over confidence and India Burning Slogan.  I guess BJP didn’t learned from their past mistakes, I still remember in last Lok Sabha elections they were over confident with “India shining” slogan and we all know the shining results. Same thing  or should I say same mistake…they did it again, At least in two states only difference was,  this time they didn’t said India Shinning but came up with new slogan India Burning and tried hard to politicize the whole terrorism issue and lost the plot somewhere.   

I do understand people do consider Terrorism as an issue in elections but in local assembly election people are more bothered about local development issues and local employment. In Delhi BJP did negative campaign, talk nothing about development, complained about BRT, Terrorism, Inflation and recession. And we have results of Delhi in front of us; people here are more concerned about Development and Progress.  You just can’t win election on one topic or issue; you need to have broader strategy to win elections. By choosing one topic and playing with sentiments of people might help to gather lil bit more support but I don’t think it will help in winning elections with majority mark.

BJP did well Madhya Pradesh and in Chhattisgarh, reason is very simple they didn’t talked much about national issue like terrorism and inflation, they talked about their work, state development issues and stick united, my heartiest congratulations to both the leaders of states Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Mr.Raman Singh.

So in short,  I just hope BJP will learn lesson this time and in coming elections they will come up with more strategic issues and won’t try to play with people sentiments again by bring religion or terrorism issue.

BSP: Not much to say as I will only say two lines:  Dare to say there is a new national political machine in the country now? They did manage to do well this time, but if BSP really want to present herself as political force in national politics they have come out from cast vote bank politics and start thinking out of box.

That’s all from my side on these elections results. Big Thanks to all my readers and well wisher’s.  Its almost 4 AM here in India now I better go and catch some sleep, as tomorrow is also a big and long day for me. You people have a great day ahead and keep coming back. Thanks once again to all of you out there………………….

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Second Term for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh:

Second Term for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh: BJP did managed to retain both the states. This clearly shows that people voted for local issues, local development issues not for national issues. They both returned to power with thumping majority.

Indian Election Semi-Final: 5 States Assemblies Election Results

Indian Election Semi-Final: 5 States Assemblies Election Results

Congress Wins Semi Final by 3-2

Congress I scored a deserving winner to shatter BJP. CongressI wins Delhi, Mizoram and Rajasthan while BJP did managed to retain Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.