Pakistan: Over 60 JuD leaders detained but no Evidence so far

Pakistan: Over 60 JuD leaders detained but no evidence so far

It may not be too hard to believe, but a Pakistan Government still looking for proofs. I have no idea what sort of proofs or evidence they are talking about but yes I am sure about one thing now that Pakistan Government are totally blind or at least acting as a blind and deaf person when it comes to see proofs, evidence and listen to their own Leaders like Nawaz Sharif. From Rice to Gordon Brown has told Pakistan leadership that India does have a solid evidence against all JUD, LET and ISI terrorist,  in fact India did shared some of the evidence with them but What I can say?

Islamabad, Dec 19 (PTI) More than 60 leaders of the outlawed outfit Jamaat-ud-Dawah have been detained by Pakistani authorities, though no evidence linking them to the Mumbai attacks has been found so far, the Interior Ministry said today. Intelligence and security agencies have detained the Jamaat leaders, including its chief Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, as part of the ongoing crackdown on the group designated as a terrorist outfit by UN Security Council. 

Pakistan leaders are good Actors but unfortunately dumb also at the same time. They think because all Pakistani leadership are blind or at least can act as a blind person so the world…  But WE ARE NOT blind….We Can See and WE WILL SEE…..And WE WILL MAKE SURE YOU ALSO SEE

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US Senator. JohnKerry urges resumption of Pakistan-India talks: Crisis caused by misunderstanding

US Senator. JohnKerry urges resumption of Pakistan-India talks: Crisis caused by misunderstanding

While reading Dawn Newspaper today I caught up with news in which US Senator John Kerry urging India for the resumption of Pakistan-India talks: Crisis caused by misunderstanding. It comes as no surprise as we already know that most of time USA choose to play double standard policy when it’s come to war on terrorism.

Mr. John Kerry let me be very clear with you that this crisis is not created by miscommunication or misunderstanding, but because of Pakistan only talk, talk and no action attitude. We have clearly communicated to Pakistan just after Mumbai attack what we want from them, what we expect from them in this moment of atrocity. We have been very clear in our communication so there is no question of misunderstanding.

All methods of proper communication have been played properly and in very precise way to communicate Pakistan Government from diplomatic to media channels. If Pakistan can’t understand its obligations and responsibility towards world then it’s her problem not India’s. We need action not just word. So it would be better for you if you can communicate your Pakistani counterparts again in a polite way, because from Rice to Gordon Brown has done their job but Pakistan is still acting like a spoiled child and if its continues with this attitude then we know the better way to communicate with them and make them understand our language.

Pakistan has rejected Britain’s request to Question Suspects Arrested in connection with last month’s Mumbai Attacks.

Pakistan has rejected Britain’s request to question suspects arrested in connection with last month’s Mumbai attacks.

Yesterday UK national tabloid reported that Pakistan rejects UK request to question Mumbai terror suspects. In a detailed report newspaper confirmed that Mr.Gordon Brown made the request for interrogation of suspects by UK police with Pakistani Leader’s on Sunday. But Pakistan government has turn down his request.

So what’s next? Another round of diplomatic pressures? Another round of meetings with heads of Pakistan establishment, another round of Talk and Talks only? No…We have to accept this fact that rejection of UK request to question suspects is a major blow to all international and diplomatic efforts to investigate the terror attack in Mumbai. By turning down this sort of request Pakistan and Mr. Yusuf Gilani showed their intentions very clear, that we are not going to act against culprits and we won’t let anyone else to act against terrorist. Well nothing new in Pakistan policy of denial. I knew it from start, and it’s confirmed now so not a big fuzz. It is very clear Pakistan is only playing political games and buying time for its military establishment to wash out their hands from terror networks and trying to safe their ISI guilty faces.


Till last week every people from Government of Pakistan was saying they are ready to co-operate with Mumbai terror attack investigation. So how come they are refusing it now? Why they are refusing British Police to interrogate suspects in regards of Mumbai terror? Why they are so reluctant? These questions raise doubts about Pakistan’s commitment to fighting terror. And let me tell you this sort of attitude show that the Pakistani government is either unable (because of ISI and Powerful Army) or reluctant to quash Terrorists organizations within Pakistan and to stop terrorists from using Pakistani soil to launch attacks on India and around world from UK to USA.


Mumbai Attack: Source



Well my take on this sort of attitude is that Pakistan Government and Army establishment are scared of Truth and they know it very well that in interrogation, truth will come out and it will damage Pakistan reputation badly in world community. And to be honest this is not first time Pakistan has denied interrogation of terror suspects, same thing they did in Daniel Pearl murder case. They refused to extradite Omar Sheikh, the British Born Muslims convicted of the killing, because that time also Pakistan government and army establishment was in fear that if he will be extradite to UK, he will vomit all about Jihadist camps, terrorist networks in Pakistan and ISI involvements in all sorts of terror export from Pakistan to all over world.

It is world known fact that Pakistan is a world’s leading exporter of Islamist terror and almost all organizations and training camps, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba linked to Mumbai terror attack was created, supported and used by ISI to fight proxy war with India in Indian Kashmir state. These organizations JUD or LET are the only expanded form or we can say that new baby face of Al-Qaida and Taliban’s organizations with old objectives “Terrorize World by Terror Attacks’ and Fight against non Muslims and non Islamic states.

 Al-Qaida and Taliban’s were set up by Pakistan Army and ISI to fight against Russian in Afghanistan and once that over in late eighties all train Jihadist were sent to new mission fight against India and start a proxy war so that India can de-stabilize and Pakistan take over Kashmir especially Kashmir prize asset the Kashmir valley. But unfortunate Pakistan all this game plan didn’t worked out and in the end of the day Pakistan itself become failed state and nation and even lost control from all Jihadist organization which they had created for their own benefits.

Loads of people say that Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism and it’s a major ally in War against terror. To be honest Pakistan really didn’t wanted to play any part in War against Terror because they knew it very well that War against Terror is not going to be only Afghanistan centric it will expand to Pakistan to clean up all Al-Qaida and Taliban’s mess from North frontier state of Pakistan which means killing of their own Jihadist and home grown terrorists. But a single call from USA after 9/11 in which President. Bush harshly or bluntly said to Pakistan government “you’re either with us or against us” forced Pakistan to stand by world and fight against own Jihadist establishment and ISI supported organizations. Secondly yes Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism but who is responsible of this? Pakistan itself, they had created these terrorist or we can say ISI and Pakistan Army has brain washed innocents, illiterate and poor youths from Pakistan and Afghanistan for their own benefits and for their political agenda. Pakistan has been trying to set up all sort of terrorist and jihadist organization and de-stabilize Jammu & Kashmir and create havoc in this region and get international sympathy for Pakistan government point of view so that Pakistan only motive divide India can be achieved.

It’s just SHAME that Pakistan Government is still in denial mentality. All they are doing at the moment is Talk, Talk and Talk but No walk. They are only  busy in trying to delay the investigations and checking our passions or it might be possible they are very reluctant to take any action against their own establishment but to be honest if Pakistan won’t act this time then I am sure that the very existence Pakistan is at risk. They have to act and Pakistan government must act to clean up the mess they had created about 2 decades ago for its own survival and Pakistani people sake else Pakistan will become full fledge failed states like Somalia in coming years.

All I can say at this time that our Indian Government should send again a very strong worded and clearer message to Pakistan government about this hide and seek political games, only talk and talk and no walk will not solve the issue and we want justice for our all innocent’s died in Mumbai terror attack by your nationals and supported by your establishments LET, JUD and ISI. So you (Pakistan) must act or we will act as we have all options open for us and we can go to any extent to get justice done for our innocents died because of your terrorist act. We need to make it very clear that for every innocent life lost in Mumbai Terrorist Attack on 26th November Pakistan have to pay big price for this mistake if they failed to act as per our request.

Never Surrender!! We Must Fight Back!!

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Muhammad Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, among other four Pakistani Militants added to UN terrorism sanctions list

Muhammad Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, among other four Pakistani Militants added to UN terrorism sanctions list 

WASHINGTON – A United Nations Security Council committee put three Pakistani leaders of the group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and a Saudi operative on a terrorist watch list Wednesday as new evidence surfaced that the group blamed for the Mumbai (formerly Bombay) attacks has expanded its activities and its fundraising well beyond South Asia.

A UN document obtained by McClatchy said that LeT has sent operatives to attack US troops in Iraq, established a branch in Saudi Arabia, and been raising funds in Europe. The group may also have received money from Al Qaeda, suggesting that it has close ties with Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network based along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, the document said.

First hurdle Clear for India?

Militants included in list are Muhammad Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi , Haji Muhammad Ashraf and Mohmoud Mohammad Ahmed Bahaziq. Yesterday the United Nations Security Council has forced sanctions, including a travel ban and assets freeze, on four leaders of a Pakistani militant group (Mr. Muhammad Saeed as leader of Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi as it’s chief of operations, Mr. Ashraf as its chief of finance, and Mr. Bahaziq as its financier) blamed by India for last month’s deadly and worst ever attack terrorist attack on India soil in Mumbai.

All four were accused by India and US for terror attack in Mumbai on 26 November 2008 in which more than 180 innocent’s people were brutally killed by the terrorist trained and financed by Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (Let). Though India also wanted to include Hamid Gul on the UN terror watch list, notorious retired chief of ISI Pakistan but China a close ally of Pakistan blocked the move by vetoing the Security Council bill.

So what’s next? Will Pakistan government will be able to crack down on Terrorist organization operating in Pakistan? This is a big question as most of the terror outfits have got backing and even involvements of some of notorious spy agency ISI and Power Army of Pakistan member’s for training and financing purpose. But let see I am just hoping that this time government of Pakistan will do everything to make sure that these type of militants won’t be able to stand again, if Pakistan failed to do then international community are bound to clear out this mess at any cost.

Will this recent arrest and putting these militant under house arrest satisfy India? Of course not we need justice and we need these militant should understand that for every innocent killing in India you people have to pay price and a very big price. So Pakistan should hand over these militants to India so that we start our jurisdiction procedure and get the justice for innocents killed in Mumbai by these militants.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Links Mumbai Attacks to India-US Nuclear Deal: Nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”: Sitaram Yechury

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Links Mumbai Attacks to India-US Nuclear Deal: Nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”: Sitaram Yechury

Holy Communist!! No wonders why we are not able to deal with terrorist in proper way…What Mr. Sitaram Yechury is saying that our foreign policies and trade policies should be dictated by terrorist and terror outfit. If we don’t listen to them they will kill us…Right Mr. Sitaram Yechury in a similar way Chinese (Your masters) government killed thousands of Chinese student and pro democracy supporter few years back (The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989). Communist in India is the number one enemy of India. We don’t need your advice and by the way we are united this time so doesn’t try to play games anymore. This entire episode shows how small minded communist leader’s we have in India from CM of Kerala to Mr. Sitaram Yechury.

Sitaram Yechury source Wikipedia

Sitaram Yechury source Wikipedia


What brought the terrorist outfits to our shores? With the Indo-US nuclear deal you are seen as an ally of the US, a strategic partner. There seems to be a total lack of appreciation of this thought from the government’s side,” CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Participating in a debate on Mumbai attacks, he said the nuclear deal has exposed the country to “further threats”.

“The degree of complacency has been such that you did not factor in this new factor. We have been exposed to new dangers due to the Indo-US nuclear deal,” said the Marxist leader whose party broke ties with the government over the deal.


Oh it might be also possible that Mr. Sitaram Yechury is speaking on behalf of his masters living in China, who were trying to block all India request to Ban Let and JUD by UNSC yesterday. Right Mr. Sitaram Yechury…Shame on You and Your communist leader’s …. First your commarad Kerala CM disrespected our brave NSG commando who has given his life for this country and now you are insulting our self-respect and Indian leaders by commenting on something like this and creating more unrest. This clearly shows that CPM and its leader’s have become utterly bankrupt of ideas and can’t find anything to say some thing constructive for India.

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20 Mumbai Terror Attackers & Plotters Still Missing: Estimates of the number of attackers have ranged from 10 to 30: Search for Missing Terrorist Begins

20 Mumbai Terror Attackers & Plotters Still Missing: Estimates of the number of attackers have ranged from 10 to 30: Search for Missing Terrorist Begins

Just when we thought it’s over!!! 

Another scary and disturbing story is started coming in. NewYork Times confirms that the 10 men who carried out the terrorist attacks here last month were among 30 recruits selected for suicide missions, and that the whereabouts of the other 20 were unknown.

So question is where are they? Are they in India and looking for another opportunity to strike again?

Are we scared for ourselves and for our families? Answer is yes many of us will start feeling nervousness again as now we know that not all the terrorist were caught or got killed by our Army, Police or NSG commandos. 10 terrorist were either got killed or caught by our forces but whereabouts of the rest gang members are still a mystery. We don’t know where are they? They are in India or not in India? All these questions are will start making many people in India nerves and I don’t see anything wrong it, it’s just government and our security forces have to act smartly and fast to catch other’s as soon as possible if they are still in India and roaming free so that people of India can live in peace.

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Pakistan under More Pressure: India released Names and Full Details of Terrorist involved in Mumbai Terror Attack

Pakistan under More Pressure: India released Names and Full Details of Terrorist involved in Mumbai Terror Attack

Pakistan government comes under more pressure after Indian authorities released the full details of terrorist involved in Mumbai terror to act strictly and decisively this time. Indian Authorities in Mumbai today released the full details of all ten terrorist involved in Mumbai terror act. Indian authorities has provided evidence which clearly shows and confirms that all ten terrorist are Pakistani national and has been trained in Pakistan with the help ISI, Let and JUD. So will Pakistan really going to act this time decisively so that we both country can live peacefully?

Mumbai Terrorist, Source

Mumbai Terrorist, Source


Police released the names of the nine gunmen killed in last month’s attack on Mumbai and listed their home towns in Pakistan yesterday, stepping up the pressure on the Pakistani authorities to crack down on the militants allegedly responsible.

Pakistan, meanwhile, raided another five militant sites and detained 20 more suspects but refused to extradite any of those it has arrested to India, promising to try them on its own soil instead.


I have doubts about the Pakistan intentions and willingness to get rid of these organizations. I do have many reasons to doubt about intentions of Pakistan government in dealing with terrorist but don’t want to go into details of all reasons but in short look at the past track records of Pakistan government and Army in tackling terrorist organizations. US-India both confirmed Pakistan that India does have full evidence which clearly shows that full terror plan for terror attack in Mumbai was made and executed from Pakistan based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), so this time Pakistan have to act decisively and even government of Pakistan did confirmed that they will act strictly.

But look at the mess again Pakistan is creating now or should I say a trick to buy some time for its dirty intelligence agency ISI and Powerful Army generals to clean their hands, arresting terrorist members of Jama’at-ud-Da’awa (JuD) and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and putting them into house arrest is a joke. We are not dealing with politicians or community leaders that you put them into house arrest and give them respect, we are dealing with terrorist or should I call deadly terrorist. You (Pakistan) are supposed to act in strict manner, if you can’t deal with them then let other forces deal with them.

Pakistan must act decisively and strictly this time either under pressure or willingly. World is looking at you so don’t let them down. 

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