Blog Contents is Being Stolen:Content Theft

This post is a result of an alert and one link given by noshtradamus informing me that someone is copying contents of my blog Ekawaaz to


When I looked noshtradamus comment saying that some of my posts were on another site listed underneath a different name, I was expecting to find yet another splog scraping my content. But when I visited the blog, I was so shocked to see that all my contents has been copied word by word and posted it by some one call Cais under his name. Blog is hosted by some company called


I am thinking how to go about this and complain to remove my contents from the doggie website but if you or you know some one who have gone through this and can advise me please do. Please help!

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  1. This is a measure of thy Popularity :).

  2. Hi ekawaaz!

    I just received an email from the CEO (no less) of web2corp, the company that just bought and he was really concerned about the complaint I made.

    In fact, he responded in less than three hours of my writing to a “contact us” address, so I guess they got the message.

    The bottom line is they’ve removed the mirror of my blog, and apologised for the trouble.

    I also sent him your details (along with a similar problem for bothack) and imagine your problem will soon be solved as well.

    The scary thing is things like this happen – and it’s up to us to stay alert to protect our intellectual property rights. And stick together in fighting to keep the blogosphere alive with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

    Meanwhile, if anyone else faces the same problem with a byindia blog, they should write to byindia as well as web2corp – i am sure they will respond and do the right thing.

  3. @Nost

    Wow lucky you mate, even I had emailed them on, let see if it works out for me too. Keeping finger cross. Thanks for all info and help.

  4. Well, guess what, you are not alone.

    There is this post, that has my content for 1 post.

  5. Eka,
    I did a post about this a few weeks back as I discovered someone had copied my content too. And more recently I found a couple more sploggers with my content.

    The thing that worked for me – was that I posted comments under the posts, calling them liars, theives, sploggers and so forth. I just kept leaving messages and after a couple of hours it was all removed.

    These guys are like spammers they keep at it until you find them out – then they bug out.

  6. Sue them and make lots of money! This is a good opportunity to make some quick buck 😛

  7. cis! cant that person write their own stuff? does he have a brian or sumthing… immitaters…sheeshhh!

  8. oops!! y wud they do that ?? I like Slim’s idea. Good way to make more money 😀

  9. yup… sue him. then you’ll use the money to spend on loads of stuff and go for a luxury holiday.. haha

  10. Eka,
    where are you? everything okay?

  11. It is a recognition of sorts though undesirable. Hope suitable action is taken.

  12. sue the website it is infringement or your copyrights, you have a good case the company may be held liable for civil and criminal charges and you can claim for compensation. just dont ignore this even if they apologize or remove the stolen content from there website.

    its your right .. fight for it or just leave it and let it happen again to you !

  13. Google must need to take action against this. I will be adding this to my blogs. Today no one is safe on Internet.

  14. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  15. My situation is different in that I am not aware of my poetry being stolen. I was just surprised to see that anyone could copy and paste my stuff to anywhere and put their on name in the byling. When I searched the web to see if there was anything I could do at my website to keep this from happening, I got nowhere. If anyone knows a way to secure my work, please let me know. I hesitate to put any more poems on my blog.


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