Pakistan: Over 60 JuD leaders detained but no Evidence so far

Pakistan: Over 60 JuD leaders detained but no evidence so far

It may not be too hard to believe, but a Pakistan Government still looking for proofs. I have no idea what sort of proofs or evidence they are talking about but yes I am sure about one thing now that Pakistan Government are totally blind or at least acting as a blind and deaf person when it comes to see proofs, evidence and listen to their own Leaders like Nawaz Sharif. From Rice to Gordon Brown has told Pakistan leadership that India does have a solid evidence against all JUD, LET and ISI terrorist,  in fact India did shared some of the evidence with them but What I can say?

Islamabad, Dec 19 (PTI) More than 60 leaders of the outlawed outfit Jamaat-ud-Dawah have been detained by Pakistani authorities, though no evidence linking them to the Mumbai attacks has been found so far, the Interior Ministry said today. Intelligence and security agencies have detained the Jamaat leaders, including its chief Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, as part of the ongoing crackdown on the group designated as a terrorist outfit by UN Security Council. 

Pakistan leaders are good Actors but unfortunately dumb also at the same time. They think because all Pakistani leadership are blind or at least can act as a blind person so the world…  But WE ARE NOT blind….We Can See and WE WILL SEE…..And WE WILL MAKE SURE YOU ALSO SEE

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  1. It is sad to see the ineptness of the Indian leadership, in-fighting and asking the rest of the world to make a case against Pakistan for the attacks in Mumbai shows weakness on the part of Indians. We need to take a serious look at our leadership, the Ghandigiri days are gone, here you’re dealing with an enemy that is hell bent in destroying India. Pakistan mere existence depends upon it’s hatered for India, it’s nukes aimed at India, yet we have a Government that wants to have relations with the Pakistanis, Sad, It sends a wrong message to the enemy that we are weak and scared.
    It is time to go to war with this pest and destroy it before it destrys us.
    Wake up India! Put pressure on these OLD BAGS (Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee) to give a stern RESPONSE to Mumbai attacks.
    Rise Up India, Your future depends on it…

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