By 2009 or by next election will India turned to communist state?

Some time in life strange things happen, some time we get unexpected things in our life, so it might be also possible that Communist may come in power by 2009. By looking the last may assemblies elections results of West Bengal and Kerala state and recent by elections in West Bengal, any one can sense or can have vision that it might be possible that in 5 years time, India might turned into Communist State. As soon as this dreadful dream become real ‘The Great India’s turned communist, the dream of becoming world power and economic power house will be shattered.

30+ years of Rule in WB: The world’s largest and longest-running democratically elected Marxist government governs India’s eastern state of West Bengal. In last May’s assembly elections the communists not only returned to power in West Bengal for a record consecutive 5-year term, but they also achieved a three-fourths majority.  The followers of Marx and Lenin have handled the affairs of 80 million people of West Bengal for the past 30 years. 30 years is a long time, but what they have achieved in 30 years is main issue. Except recently taking a inspiration from China, West Bengals’s Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has pushed through an ambitious economic reform program with an approach more capitalist than communist. He has invited foreign investment, privatized state-owned companies and properties, and is pushing to make West Bengal a major Information Technology hub but West Bengal is still a state with high unemployment in spite of world-class skilled and intelligent labor force.  Two Faces of Communist in India:  

When we look at center this same communist who has started ambitious economic reform in Calcutta are just doing opposite. They are trying hard to derail India’s growth, opposing essential privatization, foreign investment open economy etc. Left parties oppose every thing UPA government try to do in terms of FDI, Disinvestments etc. Congress-led UPA government is critically dependent on the support of the Left MPs. Look at their sorry state, every effort our honorable PM make to go further with open economy to increase investment in India, left (Red Bull) try to put pressure on government and amazingly they are getting the result they wanted. Many times they managed to put enough pressure on congress led UPA government that congress led UPA government has abandon their original plans or come with new version of it, which communist or left prepared it.

Personal Interest or Agenda:  

Any intellectual can ask question when so many problems in coalition government and CPI (M) is not agreed on many critical issues with Congress then why can’t they withdraw support from congress led UPA government and force another general election? Why so many compromises?

In general theory because communist party has their own interest to be in power,

  • Communist wanted Indian Army action should stopped against Maoist group, which has been stopped.  
  • Under UPA government rule, the Maoist in
    Nepal gain momentum and throws out the monarch rule, and setup so called democracy which in real terms is communism. 
  • Recently communist parties were so vocal about return of the Office of Profit Bill by the President of India because they know that if bill didn’t pass on time, and election commission disqualified MPs from Parliament, it will big loss for them about 14-18 MPs including speaker of Parliament will loose the seat. Communist is trying hard to send this bill, with out amendments to President for reconsideration. They are also saying that only Parliament can decide on these matters, means President have got no right to intervene. In other words putting big question mark on our constitutions? Congress who led the UPA government had showed restrained reaction but the Communist Parties have launched a virtual onslaught on the Constitutional entities. While the President has not been directly attacked, criticism is implicit in statements by some Communist leaders that it is only the Parliament that can decide such matters. In other words the President of India has no powers to intervene.

The Supreme Court constantly is under criticism by Communist Party leaders on one pretext or the other. Their senior leaders have been virtually promoting a confrontation with the supreme judiciary on grounds that Parliament is not judiciable.

What they don’t understand or I guess they don’t want to understand, that we are democratic country and we got constitution and Parliament, it not communist Polit Bureau where no one is allowed to question against leaders. By challenging these Constitutional entities, the Communist Parties are betraying that their attitudes to the Constitution may be otherwise. They almost forget they are in power only because of Congress, they are not even All India political party, even today people say communist is regional party and mostly because on 30 year rule in West Bengal. Having 61 members in parliament out 500 wont give them a status of All India party. At present they should understand, they are in centre only because of Congress I courtesy, which allowing them rule over India by proxy.

What will happen if Communist comes in power by next election? 

  • Wheel back from liberalization
  • De-privatize
  • The country will have a lot of hidden economic problems
  • Entrepreneurial incentive will reduce
  • Less freedom or no freedom like Chinese people don’t have any sort of freedom.
  • No Human Right

In order for any society to be prosperous and stable, they need a mixture of capitalism, socialism and democracy. If any one of those three is too powerful, the system will eventually collapse. We NEED Democracy and Socialism in order to give society stability and every citizen a basic human right, but we also need capitalism in order for people to be motivated. 

I just hope and pray that this will never happen to our India, not even in our wildest dream.


  1. Hmm..Looks you are a BJP supporter…you are also stupid…and mentally retarded. Marxists are naturally pragmatic and disciplined… and intelligent unlike you saffron types. If CPM comes to power in the centre it will be good-better-best for the country and their first target-that crook ram dev and sanyasis.

  2. Hi Arnab
    thanks fo rleaving comment on my blog, Well first of all I am not BJP supporter and not even by mistake I will ever vote for funamentalist party…I am supporter of democracy ..communist..are total opposite of democracy..look out history and tell me one place where except WB communist came in power with out murdering 1000 of people..look to china..they have no human right no funda mental right nothing..and by the way the core concept of communist have is one party rule why? why they cant accpet other peoples view…every where communist collapse…china is still surving, only by killing loads of youths remember?
    So no to communist…….

  3. Marxists, wherever they have a free run, believe that the best way to get people onto their side is by either brain-washing them or by getting rid of all those who don’t agree with them. If somebody does not agree with them, he is either retarded, of fundamelist or a reactionary. Hitler had only 2 other people who compared with him in terms of killing people, Stalin and Mao, both icons of the communist world.

  4. The intolerance shown by Arnab is the hall mark of a communist. It is well known all over the world that communism has failed as a philosophy and that is why it has been thrown out of all the erstwhile countries. Even so called communist govts are running over each other to adopt Capitalist measures!! There is no way communists will be able to capture power in India or any other country for that matter.

  5. i agree

  6. i agree but i dont get it ether

  7. what is this democracy you speack of, you dont realy have it in your USA. not real democrocy. only on neo leberal lines is it??the only one aceptible??Corting big bussiness interest only,with main partys supporting big bussiness??a doller democracy that you feel nessasary to implement on my contry, your bich??
    i whant a real vocie and real democracy.

  8. It was nice following the comments on this site.On one side,there was a comparison of two states against a vast majority of 25 odd others where communist party does not have a stand or are limited to naxalite tactics and blames of fundamentalism on the other.Dear Arnab being very closely associated to a state which like urs is very red, i cant help but laugh on all the communist tactics.I am afraid you cant do a Russia or a china here in India.In the long line of ur royal reign, tell me one thing you have done in the path towards future.In kerala or in ur Wb.I had a recent opportunity to work with a few sw engineers from kolkatta.I am sorry to say that their mentality was mediocre.Still like a govt. office.Procrastinations and laziness combined.With all due respect, i bow to ur long communist lineage.the situation is no different in kerala.It is not only with sw, its with people in these two regions.They lack dreams and they think why should i do it?a typical communist mentality.Hope you will keep this in mind and try to work towards a better communist regime!

  9. Arnab is a muslim and I understand this terrorist will not support hindu yogis and sanyasis.

  10. Boy I am so relieved that there are more like me. It’s really good to see that ‘educated’ people have an understanding of what Communist Parties are.
    And, what about Congress? I believe Congress is stagnating India’s progress only by it’s corrupt politicians. The whole of Congress is infested with blood suckers. I can say it strong, given almost decade Congress rule here in Andhra Pradesh. That leaves me with no choice but BJP(at Center Election). I would say I dont like BJP’s ‘obsessive’ Hindutva and its conservative politicians/wing – VHP. But they did/do something that’s helping India Shine. I know considerably most of you would disagree with me. My vote in the coming elections is for BJP. The decision is just because of the progress they brought in their last tenure.
    And at State level, the vore will be for Mr. Naidu – Telugu Desam Party, TDP. Luckily we – Andhra’s have him. That’s the mindset of most people over here. Congress has done the damage itself.

  11. I would say and request all of you who are reading this message to please either vote for BJP or Congress. Multi party system, coalition govts doesn’t work and doesn’t give progress to the country. They hang but don’t take any decision which will improve the conditions of the people. So please either vote for BJP or Congress because only these two parties are the hope to our country. Every party Congress and BJP have issues but they are better compared to rest of the parties….SO I REQUEST LET’S HAVE TWO PARTY SYSTEM SO THAT WE DON’T GET ANY HUNG PARLIAMENT IN NEXT YEAR GENERAL ELECTIONS. Please spread this message……

  12. Arnab has give a bold statement that Marxists are naturally pragmatic and disciplined… and intelligent unlike you saffron types. If CPM comes to power in the centre it will be good-better-best for the country and their first target-that crook ram dev and sanyasis. Even a high school lad from Tamil Nadu was immensely inspired by Communism that led him all the way to the 19th All India Congress of CPI (M) in Coimbatore. And to the crticis and detractors of Communism, learn from what the young lad had to say when reporters asked on his inclination to Marxism, he told that he was impressed because it was the ‘most cogent, comprehensive and highly developed complex of theory and practice’. Those who deride 30 years of continuous marxist rule in West Bengal are not progressirve enough to venture deeper into the various revolutionalry reforms that the party hasd done in the state to win the confidence fo the electorate. Both the electorate of kerala and west bengal know very well that the only answer to india’s ills is a leftist dispensation, with emphasis on scientific socialism. Whether the communist rule india or not is secondary but the states which could accept them would find it worthwhile. Industralisation at the expense of the mighty ia anthema to communist. India been an agrarian nation, more impetus required to enhance this agriculture and marine resources. The only party that is bold enough to counter communalism, sectarianism and religious fanaticism is the Communist Parties. The Congress are cowards and have wrecked India since 1947. They have been reduced to a defunct party. All secualar and progressive forces should unite aganst the elements that are trying to forment trouble in india and in this regard have to rally with the leftist parties. COMRADE FORWARD.

  13. Stupid West Bengal people…. What makes them stick to this bloody communism for 30 years, when there is congress & BJP. Do these Idiots know that they are living in a Democratic country. WB is shit.

    Fcuk the communists. Pack these idiots and send them to China.

    Vote either for UPA or BJP.

  14. all ur comments have ur own personal oppenion…….but u all r speaking out of ur selfish love for the parties u belive in…..u r not thinking about our country……wat our country wants….wat our people wants……v need a govt…..a new govt……who cannot be bribed so easily just bcoz they r new…….v cant stop bribary……..bcoz its started with the human era…… lets wish our india ll get a new govt which has a back bone….do or die mentality………so i go for communist party……lets give dem also a chance……….jai india…….

  15. just visit the site I mentioned…..and you’ll definetly change your topic!!!!!!!!!
    then mail me at

  16. the site is

  17. yeh the site is very nice….but will they work on that….

  18. well…..why cann’t we give them one chance….

  19. i’ll think.
    and will go through it for once..
    jaihind !

  20. In karnataka out of 28 lok sabha seats BJP will win 18+ seats. It will improve it’s performance compared to 2004. In India it will be a hung parliament.

  21. People of India are punished a lot by Congress and little by BJP
    One can easily observe that a steady upward wave is there for socialist parties regionally.
    Left parties never lose mass support in 3 states.This means,socialist regional parties will join hands with left parties in a new direction,that may change the future of our nation.
    Hopefully,CPI (M) is well equipped with scholars and visionery leaders.

  22. Whatever u say but the fact is a communist government is a thousand times better than a BJP(which stands for religious fanatism and corruption in the name of privatisation) goverment.

  23. Lets not give a fractured verdict. Lets vote for congress which can make it a single largest party and give a stable government , without the help of other parties

  24. With communism comes social responsibility,something which is difficult to obtain when you have a populous of 1 billion people.Not all will be willing to work when they know they’ll get their pay at the end of the month irrespective of how well they do their jobs.

    Capitalism too has responsibility attached to it,but only to the entrepreneurs.With this ideal,there is a need to survive,as the market is left open and if you don’t perform,another will soon replace you.Sadly,that is how the world works.While Marxism may attract high school boys or grown men,we have seen how well they have all managed to implement it.The cons of communism outnumber the pros by a huge margin.
    I wrote a similar post on my blog about the same topic a couple of days back.Ekawaaz, I would love to have a discussion with you about the same.Please view my post.I have tackled this issue in a different way,but we think the same.

  25. It is already on your list of related posts,labeled “communism tends to capitalism.” I guess you can see where I’ve taken it

  26. India needs a communist revolution like USSR or China had. It needs same economy with communist rule. What these democratic paties had done for these 60 years of Independence. We still got beggars on the road, Millions of people in poverty, No proper lifestyle for middle class peoples, Power cuts, No strict rule, Brible for education, Government employees bribing for any work they are supposed to do, Peoples not obeying the law or rules, Old govt vehicles polluting the cities, Group of peoples taking the law in their hands, 15 years old Criminal and Civil cases pending in courts, States not sharing the water they have, States fighting in the name of language, Peoples fighting in the name of caste, Caste politics, Regional politics, Slums came in India after Independence, and i can say a lot.

    Democracy – Good for Indian politicians to make themselves wealthy and wealthier. Not good for Indian politics and Citizens.

    Communist –

    Good for peoples of India [ As a major money spent for elections can be spent for citizens welfare]
    Improvement will be faster as there wont be anyone to oppose
    Economy can be the same way
    Human rights should be there with strict rules
    Corruption and Bribing will be reduced a lot

  27. in order for democracy to be effective the people must be intelligent choosing their leaders. but in case of india over 90% of our people are dumb and will sell their votes for money… they dont have the capacity to rule themselves….so the case is india is like a primary school full of empty minded persons… they need to be guided in proper direction by eminent leaders…. it may be the largest democracy in the world we have but it is of no use… wat india needs is communist rule…..this reduces many of indias problems caused by disgusting, selfish, corrupted congress government

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