Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu, Jews Zionist and BJP for Mumbai Attack

Zaid Hamid one of the most stupid defense Analyst I have ever heard: Pakistan Media continue Taunting Hindu and Jews Zionist for Mumbai Attack: Zaid Hamid is STUPID!!

So, let me get this straight, Mr.Zaid Haimd so called Defense analyst of Pakistan is saying same thing what he has been saying on all media channels in Pakistan since 1st of December 2008 just after Mumbai attack. He knows that Mumbai attack was carried out by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist and Pakistan can crush India in one go if Indian ever tried to do any strategical strikes to clean out their home grown terrorist camps and hideouts. Dream on Mr. Hamid…..

To be honest he is the one of the most stupid person or so called defense analyst I have ever seen or heard. Can’t believe that Pakistan have this sort of analyst who can put whole nation in chaos by issuing all nonsense statements in media. What he is trying to get by issuing statement that Western Nation believes his theory and knows that India terror attack was done by Jews Zionist and Hindu Zionist but not supporting Pakistan for different reasons? I am not able to get it. Does he think whole world is blind and can’t see things from their own eyes? Mr. Zaid Hamid please come out of yours dreams and illusions and accepts the fact and see the world from Humanity ground.

And don’t you ever think that you can crush India, if you have short memory then let me remind you Mr.Zaid hamid… remember Kargil? 1972 Bangladesh war if we lose our passions and then be sure that there will be no Pakistan this time. It will be Baluchistan, Sindhistan and many more like we did in 1972. And by the way do you really thing your Army can really fight when they can’t even flight with bloody Taliban’s and surrender to them like a girl. If you have forgotten then please check below video.

So it would be better if you see the things from Humanity eyes and see how many of your innocents are dying because of your this attitude. Your own home grown terrorists killing your own innocent’s people’s for nothing. So wake up or your attitude will kill your people first.

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India Win Test, England Win Hearts: Sachin Silence Critics

India Win Test, England Win Hearts: Sachin Silence Critics


Sachin Tendulkar hits an unbeaten his 41st century and Yuvrag hits dashing half century to guide India to a six-wicket victory over England in the first Test in Chennai. A brilliant test match with full of excitements. So bring it on those who say test matches are dieing or will die because of 20twenty introduction. Let me tell you that this test match was a absolute thriller. Congrats to both team, Brilliant Cricket


Sachin Silence Critics: 41st century by this little God will surely silence his critics. What s brilliant cricket by this Little God but Tall cricket genius.


England Won Hearts: Yes by coming to India and playing here especially after Mumbai attacks and donating their match fees to victims of Mumbai terror is some thing I will keep in my heart forever. A gesture that makes our heart melts. God Bless


Important Note:

In case you people haven’t heard, this win is the fourth-highest successful fourth-innings run chase in the history of Test cricket, and the highest in Asia.  So big Congratulation to Team India

Second Term for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh:

Second Term for Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh: BJP did managed to retain both the states. This clearly shows that people voted for local issues, local development issues not for national issues. They both returned to power with thumping majority.

Delhi State Assembly Elections:Sheila Dixit Made History in Delhi: 3rd term for Sheila Dixit and CongressI confirmed for Delhi

Delhi State Assembly Elections:Sheila Dixit Made History in Delhi: 3rd term for Sheila Dixit and CongressI confirmed for Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party conceded defeat in Delhi Assembly elections after trends in the counting of votes showed that the Sheila Dixit is all set to return to power. It is a great victory for her (Sheila Dixit and Congress I party).  It is all confirmed that Sheila Dixit is about to make history by winning Delhi election 3 times continuously and forming congress I government in Delhi for consecutively third time.  BJP CM candidate Vijay Malhotra, Mr.Vijay Goel and Mr. Vijay Jolly. Three Vijay’s didn’t manage to secure Vijay for BJP in Delhi. BJP set to sit in opposition again. Inflation, recession factor and politicizing terrorism issue didn’t work out in favor of BJP this time.  Hope now leader’s of BJP will learn something from today’s assembly results and concentrate more time on local development issue instead of national issue in local assembly election. A lesson to learn.

Terrorism Impact:  Current Election trends terrorize BJP Leadership. Local issue and Local leadership did work for Congress I. Congress I wins 23 seats in Delhi, leading in 18 seats while BJP won 5 seats and leading in 17 seats. Others like Ram Vilas Paswan party Lok Jan Shakti Party also managed to open her account by wining Matia Mahal constituency and one independent candidate also managed to win in Delhi assembly elections.